It’s an every day occurrence in work and in your personal life…two people are having a conversation, but one is not fully present because they have something else on their mind; a meeting is taking place, but is everyone really paying attention or are they thinking about what they need to do when they get back to their office or when they go home?

When people are doing one thing, but thinking about another, their effectiveness suffers. This is a critical issue not only in your personal life, but prohibits us from functioning at our highest level in our careers.

We often get so caught up in thinking about the past or the future that we lose our ability to be in the present moment. Our busy minds prevent us from tapping into our wisdom and more intuitive side of the brain which is significant for success. These busy minds keep us distracted when communicating and create a negative impact on our relationships.

We would probably all agree our lives could improve dramatically if we could live in the here and now. Not only would it improve our ability to listen and communicate, but it can improve every facet of our lives. But that’s easier said than done…or is it?

“Getting in the zone” is a phrase used by many athletes. They are referring to a time when their minds quite down and their bodies achieve their greatest strength, speed or accuracy. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to live in the here and now and “be in the zone”? Contact the Klatka Consulting Group to learn how.

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