We’ve all heard the phrase, “employees don’t leave a bad job, they leave a bad boss”.   There is some truth to that statement, but there’s much more to the story. People quit their jobs for a wide variety of reasons. Every situation is unique, but in most situations the reason they quit is due to something that could have been controlled by the company.  When a good employee chooses to go, it’s often preventable and a sign that the workplace culture was not a good fit.

It’s not surprising that companies with the highest-rated work cultures are also among the most successful companies. As companies grow, your culture plays an increasingly important role in the future and success of the company.  We all know there are many benefits of a positive workplace culture including less stress, greater productivity, employee satisfaction, improved teamwork, and of course employee retention.

So how do you know what kind of culture you have at your workplace. Well, it’s simple to determine with a few questions.

Who gets promoted and who gets fired?

What types of behavior are rewarded, punished, or tolerated?

Does the company live by their core values?

If you’re still wondering what kind of culture you have at your workplace and thinking, “If I died and went straight to hell, it would take me a week to realize I wasn’t at work anymore”, your culture is a hot mess. High-performing, positive cultures set clear core values and live by those values. Culture comes before everything else, or it’s just smoke and mirrors.  If your company is willing to throw out your core values during difficult times, they are not living by their values.

Keep in mind, one size does not fit all when it comes to workplace cultures.  Different types of businesses will have different workplace cultures.  Those cultural styles will vary by industry and the beliefs and values of the organizations leaders.  It’s as important to find the right fit for you as it is for employers to find the right fit for them.  How can this be done?  Both employees and employers should ask the right questions during the interview process to determine if it’s a cultural match. 

Employers should ask questions that directly relate to their core values.  Candidates should ask questions to determine if the companies values match their personal values.  For example:

  • What are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
  • What do you like best about working in this company?
  • How would you score the company on living up to its core values?  What could use improvement?

Because cultural fit is the most critical component for both the employee and employer and the real reason why good employees quit.

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